About Us


With only a handful of true credit card processors in the United States, the credit card networks and all processors contract with companies, similar QOS Merchant Solutions, called Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) to provide the direct sales channel for businesses interested in accepting credit cards as a payment option for their customers. To meet the market demand, there are hundreds of ISO’s nationwide.

QOS Merchant Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We are licensed and certified by Global Payments, Inc. to market merchant processing services and value added services to businesses in North America. Global Payments, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GPN. Global Payments, Inc. currently holds the position of the third largest credit card processor in the world, processing in excess of three billion credit card transactions each year.  

QOS Merchant Solutions, Inc. has experienced significant growth since its incorporation due to their unique marketing approach. Using a proprietary relationship marketing technique and creating a number of strategic partner relationships, QOS Merchant Solutions is positioned to become a leader in merchant services.  


If we can't lower your rates, we will send you $100.00

Please download and print the QOS Challenge Form, complete and return with a recent merchant statement from your current processor.